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STEM Learning Systems® provide engaging STEM-based education programs for elementary schools, middle schools and high school STEM labs. Our learning systems focus on building 21st century skills including: problem solving, teamwork, initiative, self-direction, and career development. We empower students to discover their interests and aptitudes, along the pathway to postsecondary success. Paxton/Patterson currently offers four articulated STEM Learning Systems that are sequential and developmental.


"We evaluated STEM programs from several companies and the Paxton/Patterson program was clearly ahead of any other programs in terms of software flexibility and resources. There is nothing else we looked at that compared."

  - John Davis
    Technology Education Teacher
    Carmel Clay Schools

"This lab has allowed students and parents to understand the vast amount of interests and careers that come from the STEM education areas. Having it at middle school, just builds the foundation for our students to go on to high school and start zeroing in on 'what are the interests that might be connected to my future career?'"

  - Dr. Debbi Burdick
    Cave Creek USD


"We have a STEM education showcase every year where the community comes in and has a chance to experience the labs. Business partners come in and are just amazed by what the students are doing, the conversations they're having, the items that they're working with and the possible careers that the lab is leading them to."

  - Dr. Carter Davidson
    Director of STEM Research and Development
    Alhambra ESD

Stem Learning Middle School

Middle School STEM Education grades 6-9

Our College & Career Ready Labs® take STEM education to the next level as students learn to use and manage technology through our interactive, multimedia program, while engaging in authentic problem-based learning.

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Stem Learning

High School STEM Education grades 9-10

This rigorous program, as defined by business leaders and industry experts, aligns the skills and knowledge needed to bridge the gap between secondary education and college/career success. Students develop critical thinking and collaborative problem solving skills while utilizing real world applications.

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STEM based learning High School

High School STEM Education grades 11-12

This capstone program creates the real-world experience of working in an engineering consulting firm. Student teams are engaged in authentic engineering work and practices, problem-solving and competing to win professional contracts.

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