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Energy & Power

Students examine and test the principles of operation, fundamentals of combustion, and adjustment procedures for a four-cycle engine.

Project-based activities include:

Activity: The Stirling Engine
Activity: Internet Research - Stirling Engine Animation
Activity: Tools
Activity: Video - Energy & Power Parts & Tools Identification
Activity: Identifying Engine Systems
Activity: Internet Research - Four Stroke Engine
Activity: Ignition System
Activity: Engine Internal Parts
Activity: Narrative Writing & Checkpoint Test
Activity: Internet Research - Mousetrap Racer Tutorial
Activity: Distance Calculation
Activity: Design Brief - Mousetrap Racer
Activity: Internet Research - Mousetrap Racer Tutorial on Mass
Activity: Internet Research - Mousetrap Racer Tutorial on Force & Friction
Activity: Argumentative Writing, Career Research & Planning, and Checkpoint Test


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Recommended 6 to 9




STEM, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


• Project-Based Learning
• Career Ready Practices
• Reading and Writing in Context
• Customizable Content

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