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Monday - Friday, 7am to 5pm CST

Contact Technical Support via GoToAssist Below

View onsite support options.

Please Contact Technical Support by Phone

Troubleshooting Lab Equipment or 3rd Party Software Issues:

  • Will require direct communication to narrow down the source of the problem.

  • Can only be done when the hardware or software program is accessible to you while on the call.


Reinstallation of 3rd Party Software. 

  • This will require school IT staff member(s). 

  • Installation instructions are provided in the Book: Instructor Only Resources > Installation & Troubleshooting Guides. 

  • If further assistance is necessary, call or email support to set up a time to connect online from a computer with Admin access.

Please Contact Technical Support by Phone, Email or Chat

LMS Related Issues:

  • Describe what you were attempting to do.

  • Is the issue affecting a specific student or all students?

  • If a specific student, please provide student username.

  • Is the issue affecting a specific period or all periods?

  • Module, Day, Activity?

  • Include any other relevant details.

If You Leave a Message

Please Include the Following Information:

  • Your Name

  • School Name

  • City & State

  • Most direct contact method

  • Best time to reach you

Self-Help Resources

Refer to the Quick Card and How-To Training Videos located under your LMS Profile Picture.

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