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In a world where kindergarteners are told they can be anything, yet by high school they are never more uncertain about the future, what can you do to bridge this gap?


Overcoming indecision and creating clarity doesn’t happen by accident. When interests emerge in elementary and middle school, they need to be connected with aptitudes to help students make confident choices.


Paxton/Patterson creates that connection, and we do it in a way that’s engaging for students, accessible to anyone, and easy for your team to implement.

Why Paxton/Patterson Labs?


Students collaborate in groups and drive their own progress through carefully-structured, hands-on, minds-on materials.



Labs create a foundation for careers or college study, so the curriculum is relevant, valuable, and the kind students won’t want to miss. 



Not only are students energized each time they complete a lab, but they’re also motivated again and again every time they discover a new possibility for future study or life!

Imagine learning that doesn’t FEEL like learning.




Our labs can be integrated into districts and schools of any size, geography, socioeconomic composition, and more.



Structured to provide awareness, exploration, and experience, our labs make enriching electives for middle and elementary students, or they can be leveraged as a part of high school pathways.



Our labs provide context and clarity for ANY student, no matter whether their ambition is college or career.

Options and approaches for EVERYONE.




Our consultants work with you to determine which labs make sense for your master schedule. Space implementation, support and training ensures your lab works for YOU.



Every lab is turnkey: completely instructionally designed and ready to implement by ANYONE with strong facilitation skills. No on-staff subject matter expertise is required!



Once your lab space is built, it’s usable again and again –just replace any consumables. Want to add another lab type to your program? You can! – and it won’t require any dramatic changes to your existing lab build.

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Partnering with you to create your college and career preparation solution.

"This is an amazing space where students have an opportunity to explore different health science career fields. They learn what the professionals do in each area, giving them exposure to the academic terminology and also the soft skills that are necessary in an internship."

- Cheyenne Pronga |Program Manager|Health Science Workforce Development

"My classroom setting is anything but traditional. The Paxton/Patterson labs create an atmosphere where the room is alive with students using real tools in real-world activities."

- Laura Bischoff |College & Career Ready Labs - STEM Instructor|Broad Creek Middle School

"Students from all backgrounds - low academic students, high academic students, special education, English language learners, even newcomers who speak no English at all can find success."

- Todd RothExploratory Technology Instructor|Yorba Middle School

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