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Promoting Successful Students

Dail Berry

Social Media Success Stories

We want to thank Dail Berry, from Mattamuskeet Early College, for inspiring us with frequent updates and posts of her students achieving college & career readiness.

"We are in our second year of STEM here in Hyde County Schools and the middle grade students of Mattamuskeet Early College High School have been exploring STEM careers through the Paxton/Patterson curriculum. Within the STEM lab, students have been given the opportunity to learn about careers and have experiences that can lead them to success whether it be in college or a career. Not only are students gaining information for their future career or college experiences, students are collaborating, critically thinking, analyzing, building, creating, scaffolding, and learning soft skills! Students are excited about the hands-on activities which leads to excitement about learning. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our STEM program at MECHS."

- Dail Berry Keep up the great work Dail and students of Mattamuskeet Early College!


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