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Major Initiative Gives Students Taste of 17 Different Healthcare Specialties

Authentic Health Science Careers

A new health sciences lab unveiled Wednesday at Novato High School will give students hands-on experiences in 17 health care career specialties over four years.

Starting in eighth grade, the new program — the first of its kind in Marin in the health sciences — offers mini-projects, tasks and games to give students a feel for such areas as pharmacology, radiology, speech therapy, dentistry, phlebotomy, nursing, pathology and oncology, among others.

“We’re looking at pathways to high-wage, high-need jobs,” said Marianne Bland, educational consultant for Chicago-based Paxton/Patterson, creator and publisher of the program’s curriculum. “We’re looking to fill a massive gap in skilled workers in California.” Some of the health science specialties could ultimately command $50 per hour or six-figure wages, she said.

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Provided by Keri Brenner | - Marin Independent Journal

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