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Excited About Careers / Excited About School

The students at Will C. Wood Middle School demonstrate their College & Career Ready Lab for the community at a showcase event.


"This is a great way for us to show our students, with hands-on experiences, different career fields that they can go into right out of high school."

Dave Allen Language Arts / CJA Instructor


Students are getting excited about careers and excited about attending school. Throughout the modules, students explore a variety of careers from medical to engineering and digital audio production to culinary - some requiring only a two-year certification or degree to get started in a high-paying position.



Alternative Energy • Dentistry • Design & Marketing • Digital Audio Production • Digital Manufacturing • Electricity & Electronics • Emergency & Fire Management Services • Employability • EMT • Energy & Power • Environment & Ecology • Flight & Drone Technology • Forensic Science • Home Maintenance Fundamentals • Home Maintenance Systems • Intro to Child Development • Intro to Culinary Arts • Intro to Health Science Careers • Materials Processing & Design • Mechanisms • Nursing • OSHA • Personal Finance • R&D • Robotics • Structural Engineering • Veterinary Medicine • Video Production


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