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Elementary School Students Solve Crime and Learn About Careers

Dior Edison's students, at Ellison Elementary School, worked as a Forensic Science Team to investigate "The Case of the Missing Dog."


" I loved to see how engaged the students were and how excited they were knowing that I, their principal, was a part of their learning. It was truly great to see them having so much fun with the forensic science lesson."

Julie Meneses


Ellison Elementary School


Forensic Science is a unit in the school's new Elementary Career Labs program. In this lesson, students learn that the principal's dog, Waffles, has been kidnapped. They are tasked with investigating the crime and identifying the correct suspect. Students utilize various techniques to inspect evidence:

  • Fingerprint Analysis

  • Tire Impression Analysis

  • Chromatography

  • Handwriting Analysis

Students react after learning they successfully solved the crime.


Forensic Science In Action

"I enjoyed the lessons as much as the students. It was fun to plan and implement and pretty easy to run. I was really surprised how well the very young students were able to participate in this lesson and they loved it!"

Dior Edison

STEM Lab Teacher

Ellison Elementary School