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CAREERplus 2 · Engineering and Technology grades 11-12

This capstone STEM education program creates the real-world experience of working in an engineering consulting firm. Student teams are engaged in authentic engineering work and practices. They problem-solve and compete to win professional contracts.




STEM Education

  • Four Distinct Curriculum Areas
  • 4-6 Person Teams
  • Year Long Curriculum
  • Customizable Content
  • Accessible on Any Device, Any Time
  • Foundations of Engineering
  • Solidworks 3D Design
  • Case Studies & Career Planning
  • Project Based Activities
  • Utilizes Engineering Design Notebooks
  • The Engineering Design Process
  • NAF Approved
  • Aligned with Industry Standards & Career Pathways

"Now they have actual hands-on experiences, so that admissions essay for college becomes so much more powerful, and that job interview becomes so much more impressive.

They're going to be getting the higher rate of pay because they probably earned certifications through the exposure at such an early level, and they started in high school while it’s still free."

  - Kathleen Boyd
    Coordinator CTE/ROP/STEM/Career Pathways
    Orange USD
Solar Panels

Alternative Energy & Environment

Student teams are tasked to combine foundational knowledge and skills, along with research, to design and build a solar cooker that meets specific design criteria. They will then collect data and report their findings to secure an engineering contract in The Gambia.

Alternative energy sources • Solar Thermal Conversion • parabolas • designing simple & complex parabolas • SolidWorks • research & design • solar oven prototype • case studies • career planning

Stock No. 76-2000 


Lighting Grid


Student teams compete for a contract to design and build an innovative portable shelter for a premiere entertainment company. Students will then take their design and create a model to demonstrate compliance with the design requirements.

Structural systems • systems approach • bridge design project • SolidWorks • truss design & testing • soil sampling & analysis • research & design • portable shelter prototype • case studies • career planning

Stock No. 76-2002 




Student teams will combine 3D modeling with research on guitar components. They will design a custom guitar body, headstock, and tuners to secure a contract with a rock band. Students will then take their designs through the manufacturing process to develop a prototype for their presentation.

Manufacturing systems • SolidWorks • CAD systems • research & design • custom guitar prototype • case studies • career planning

Stock No. 76-2004 

Mars Rover


Working with NASA, student teams combine problem-solving and programming skills to design and build a robot that can meet government specifications. Students must face the pressure of a performance based challenge to win the contract.

Robot applications • classes of robots • research & design • SolidWorks • M3 robot prototype • design, assembly & testing • programming • pneumatic systems • case studies • career planning

Stock No. 76-2006 


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