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1. Register

Once registered on our site, instructors will be enrolled in our online LMS training program, have access to support, and be notified of regional hands-on workshops. Individualized development materials and a Paxton/Patterson polo will be shipped directly to instructors’ home addresses.


2. Complete Online Lessons

Self-paced online lessons provide the foundation for utilizing our proprietary Learning Management System. Instructors will learn how to create courses, enroll students, develop schedules, assess learning, and view grades. One-hour individual coaching sessions will be available and can be scheduled online.


3. On-Site Support

Our support staff will be on site during installation and available to answer questions,
share tips, and address hands-on preparation plans. After installation, instructors can begin working through key identified activities as part of the Professional Development Plan.


4. Attend Regional Two-Day Workshops (optional)

Our most experienced instructors will be leading regional workshops to address hands-on activities, classroom management, and implementation strategies. These workshops will be available in late summer and will continue each month based on interest and demand.

New Users Start Here for Online Learning
Hands-On Learning at Regional Workshops
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