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Innovative Learning Tools for At-Risk Youth

Equip Students with the Skills They Need to Succeed in the Workforce

Explore and build skills in Construction and Health Sciences with our hands-on project-based curriculum.

BuildingSKILLS Options Include

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High Quality Curriculum for Correctional Education

Providing a flexible schedule and customizable content, the BuildingSKILLS and Health Science Careers Labs are an excellent option for correctional education.

Following these experiences, students are empowered to take the next step in their development through awareness, interest, and beliefs based on practical, hands-on learning.

Project-Based Learning: The Key to Success for At-Risk Youth

  • Provide students with practical experience in real-world career fields. 

  • Curriculum is engaging, accessible for all students, and easy-to-implement for teachers.

  • Help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a practical and engaging way.

  • Encourage confidence and build self-esteem through hands-on learning activities.

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