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by Peter 17. November 2020 02:54


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Dail Berry

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When we developed our College & Career Ready Labs program, our focus was on improving the career and college readiness of America’s secondary education students. We had an idea of what it would look like in the classroom, however, since we can’t be in the classroom with the tens of thousands of students engaged in our programs every day, we must rely on instructors sharing their experiences.

We want to thank Dail Berry, from Mattamuskeet Early College, for inspiring us with frequent updates and posts of her students achieving college & career readiness.

"We are in our second year of STEM here in Hyde County Schools and the middle grade students of Mattamuskeet Early College High School have been exploring STEM careers through the Paxton/Patterson curriculum. Within the STEM lab, students have been given the opportunity to learn about careers and have experiences that can lead them to success whether it be in college or a career. Not only are students gaining information for their future career or college experiences, students are collaborating, critically thinking, analyzing, building, creating, scaffolding, and learning soft skills! Students are excited about the hands-on activities which leads to excitement about learning. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our STEM program at MECHS."
     - Dail Berry

Keep up the great work Dail and students of Mattasmuskeet Early College!


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by Peter 28. June 2016 10:07

Strategies That Engage Minds

Lead To

Strategies That Engage Women

Northside High School Advanced Applied STEM Academy Tower students

The combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is commonly referred to as S.T.E.M., however at Northside High School and the Advanced Applied S.T.E.M. Academy, it has another meaning. Director, Kari Cobb, focuses on Strategies-That-Engage-Minds, and those strategies are proving very effective at engaging a large number of diverse female students. 31.68% of students are female.

Female STEM Students

The Academy utilizes the Paxton/Patterson S.T.E.M. programs CareerPlus and CareerPlus 2. With these technology and engineering programs, students take the driver’s seat and Kari takes on the role of coach, mentor, and facilitator. “You can see a difference in these students,” She explains. “They come in asking questions like How do I solve this? What do you want me to do? What’s the answer?  Then after about a week or so of work in the labs, they stop asking and start doing and discovering. We want them to work in teams to find the best solution verses the right answer. Not all of the solutions work right away, but these students have grit. They persevere through challenges that many didn’t believe they would be able to overcome when they first started the class. That's engaging! I believe it is the reason we get such great participation from a wide range of students.”

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