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Major Initiative Gives Students Taste of 17 Different Healthcare Specialties

by Peter 15. November 2019 10:58


HSC 11-15


Authentic Health Science Careers

A new health sciences lab unveiled Wednesday at Novato High School will give students hands-on experiences in 17 health care career specialties over four years.

Starting in eighth grade, the new program — the first of its kind in Marin in the health sciences — offers mini-projects, tasks and games to give students a feel for such areas as pharmacology, radiology, speech therapy, dentistry, phlebotomy, nursing, pathology and oncology, among others.

“We’re looking at pathways to high-wage, high-need jobs,” said Marianne Bland, educational consultant for Chicago-based Paxton/Patterson, creator and publisher of the program’s curriculum. “We’re looking to fill a massive gap in skilled workers in California.” Some of the health science specialties could ultimately command $50 per hour or six-figure wages, she said.

Read full article at Marin Independent Journal

Provided by Keri Brenner - Marin Independent Journal


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Stacy Latham - Winner of Got Grit? Contest

by Peter 6. November 2019 10:10


Stacy Latham Blog


Above and Beyond Teaching

We are recognizing Stacy Latham for her demonstration of Grit in the classroom. View Full Got Grit? Winner Announcement

Stacy demonstrated Grit through an impressive history of remarkable lab improvements; lobbying for funds to get a new module, creating her own modules when funds weren’t available, and customizing the curriculum with her own how-to videos. Her attention to detail and focus on improvements - day after day, year after year - has led to a truly impressive lab experience. Students have clearly defined expectations and her lab management keeps students on task. 

Congratulations Stacy and keep up the great work!

You can check out a couple resources Stacy has developed to improve the management of her STEM Lab below:

Testing the pH of Water Samples Video
Rotation Grade Sheet


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Congressman Josh Harder observes College & Career Ready Labs

by Peter 16. October 2019 09:11


Josh Harder


Health Science Careers Program

Congressman Josh Harder visited Patterson High School's CTE Programs. After a discussion with a portion of the program's CTE Industry Advisors, Harder applauded the District's successes in developing so many post-secondary options for students, commenting on the challenges of maintaining such meaningful partnerships, and the vision to replicate such accomplishments across the State.

After the brief meeting, which included success stories form PHS CTE Program Alumni, the Congressman embarked on a tour of each component of the CTE Program, witnessing first-hand the knowledge and quality preparation Patterson students encounter while participating in our CTE programs.

Patterson High School has approximately 800 students enrolled in its CTE programs each year. Health Careers, students are provided a variety of skills and knowledge to begin to pursue a high-paying career of their choice right out of high school. Additionally, due to partnerships with industry leaders throughout the community and local colleges, students are given the additional option to make a considerable earning, while continuing their education.

Provided by Johnny Padilla, Patterson Joint Unified School District



Contact your local Educational Consultant for more details.


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October Got Grit Contest Winners

by Peter 17. November 2016 06:52

October Contest Winners

October Got Grit Contest Winners

Jorie and Haley

We are proud to reward the hard work and determination that Jorie and Haley demonstrated in the STEM Lab, at Ira Jones Middle School, with Applied Technology Instructor, John Pilch. Thanks for sharing your learning experience. Your contest submission demonstrated that you've Got Grit. Keep up the great work. 

Would you like to enter the Got Grit contest?

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Got Grit?

by Peter 12. October 2016 05:14

Got Grit?

Got Grit?

To celebrate students and classrooms that engage in the process of learning Paxton/Patterson has launched the Got Grit Contest. We know that through the course of learning there are frequent twists, turns, and even setbacks. We hope that you and your students share stories of the mistakes, setbacks, and the perseverance that went into the process of learning and eventual success! We want to hear about your success stories and reward them.

Share Your Learning Experience
for a Chance to Win
Pizzas, Prizes and a 3-D Printer

Submissions can be made in different formats. We want you and your students to be creative! The story you tell could be a series of photos with captions, sketches, a video that chronicles a design brief, or perhaps a narrative writing piece that demonstrates “Grit”.

Enter the contest at

Download a contest flier.

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