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Melissa Ellis - Making a Difference

by Peter 17. September 2020 09:54


September Web - Melissa Ellis


Melissa Ellis

When Melissa Ellis, Health Science instructor at Bellflower High School, learned her students would not be back in the classroom she had to consider how she could bring the experience from her classroom into the students’ dining rooms. Instead of being satisfied with online content and virtual resources, Melissa wanted to give students a creative hands-on experience at home.

This began with a brainstorming session for each of the modules and ended with packaged kits to be sent home with students. Lessons included phlebotomy in a bag, suturing with shoelaces, and proper glove removal (with gloves and a packet of ketchup), as well as handwashing with glow-germ and a portable UV light. Melissa continues to pursue resources and share their availability with others in the same situation.

Thank you Melissa for keeping up the great work and making a difference every day!


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SawStop Safety Demo

by Peter 8. December 2016 03:46

Paxton/Patterson Learning

SawStop Safety

Watch an impressive demonstration of SawStop safety with Paxton/Patterson at ACTE CareerTech VISION.
A patented automatic braking system stops the saw within milliseconds if its blade comes in contact with the operator's hand or other body part.

Watch Video Demonstration

For more information click here.

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