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Paxton/Patterson provides the best college and career preparation for America’s youth. Our learning systems engage students with problem-based, real-world technology. We empower students to discover their interests and aptitudes, along the pathway to postsecondary success.

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STEM Learning Systems™ take STEM education to the next level, as students learn to use and manage technology through our interactive, multimedia program, while engaging in authentic problem-based learning.

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The Health Science Careers® program prepares middle school and high school students for careers related to medicine, nursing, and health science programs – from Biomedical Engineering to Veterinary Medicine.

Family and Consumer Life Science

Family & Consumer Life Science™ teaches the science of life and living, emphasizing skills that prepare students to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

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The BuildingSkills® program is designed to give students the knowledge, skill, and experience to decide if a career in construction is a good fit for their interests and aptitudes.



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