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STEM Train® grades 3-5

STEM Train makes it easy to incorporate STEM content without having to hire teachers who are content specialists. We provide everything needed for each lesson, allowing teachers to act as facilitators, guiding students toward discovery, problem-solving and creative thinking.

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  • Techno Log Design Notebooks
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Techabulary
  • Career Exploration

"We really focus on every student, from the very beginning, when they're most creative and most innovative and they're most excited about learning. We kind of spark that fire, and then figure out ways to keep the fire going, or that passion going. In the elementary schools, one of the ways we're doing that is with STEM Train."

  - Kathleen Boyd
    Coordinator CTE/ROP/STEM/Career Pathways
    Orange Unified School District
Creative Communications

Creative Communications

Students will begin by creating the cover sheets to their Techno Log Design Notebook and begin to uncover the true importance of communication in everything we do.

Technology • environment • engineering • visual communications • graphic design & logos • the design process • marketing • target audience • symbols • packaging • prototypes • advertising

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Elementary Engineering

Elementary Engineering

Students will begin to learn about the different properties of materials, the strength of geometric shapes, and begin to formulate a basic understanding of engineering principles.

Problem-solving • collaboration • the design process • force, load & compression • engineering principles • mass production • Geodesic domes • fabrication • paper making • recycling • tension & torsion • cantilevers • prototypes • deflection & distortion • natural vs. synthetic materials

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Students will conduct electrical experiments and apply Newton’s Laws of Motion to solve problems.

Electricity exploration • conductors vs. insulators • switches • design problems • resistance • fuses • simple machines • mechanical advantage • physical properties • simple machines • torsion, compression & tension • electromagnets • pitch, yaw & roll • stability & trajectory

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Totally Transportation

Totally Transportation

Planes, trains, boats and automobiles! Students will learn about the ways we rely on and utilize various transportation systems.

Flight basics • autorotation • rotors & stabilizers • angle of attack • drag & lift • prototypes • buoyancy • displacement • hull shapes • map reading • wind energy • linear distances • calculating wheel revolutions • paper airplane construction • ailerons, elevators & rudders • rapid vs. mass transit • vehicle design

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In the STEM Buddies™ program, secondary students mentor and coach elementary students with 20 of the best STEM Train lessons. All materials are assembled in a tote for easy transportation and are ready to present. It’s a wonderful opportunity for older students to become role models, and a great motivator for younger students to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.If your school is interested in participating in the STEM Buddies program, please contact your educational consultant for details.

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