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College for All?

by paxpatnate 17. February 2012 09:55

In a recent trip to Peoria, IL, I visited with Chris Arvin, Manager of Technical Learning Solutions at Caterpillar Inc. It was obvious after just a short time with Chris that he has a passion for education. During our conversation, he brought up the concept of two noble paths, the college path and the career & technical/skilled trade path. He made the point that too often today the push for the college path is in a state of imbalance when compared to career opportunities available. When you consider that only 25% of careers require a four-year degree, you might wonder why so many use matriculation as a measure of a quality secondary education?

Chris makes the point that in order to correct this imbalance there are four groups that need to come together: parents, schools, employers, and government. These groups must synchronize their efforts to transform education to meet the needs of the future workforce. Considering that this is no small task, I pose the question: “What would be a good step to begin this synchronization?”

If you disagree with bringing the four groups together, what is your alternative?

Watch Chris’s interview and share your thoughts.


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