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Tool Tips: How to choose an Air Filtration System

by paxpatnate 11. May 2011 07:25


When choosing the optimum size air filtration unit(s), the recommended air cycles per hour vary based on usage.

  • Generally, six full air cycles per hour in occasional use shops and eight air cycles per hour in full time shops is adequate.
  • Based on these guidelines, the following formula may be used to determine the appropriate size filtration unit (in CFM) for your shop.
  • Calculate shop voume in cubic feet (use 12 feet as the maximum ceiling height)
  • Multiply the cubic volume by the recommended cycles per hour to determine cubic feet per hour (CFH).
  • Divide the CFH by 60 to determine the optimum collector CFM capacity.

Example: Shop volume 20' x 20' x 12' =4,800 CU. FT.

                                             4,800 CU. FT. x 6 cycles = 28,800 CU. FT./Hour

                                              28,800 / 60 = 480 CU. FT./Minute or CFM

In larger shops, there is a benefit to installing several smaller units equally distant from each other.

Take a look at some of the latest developments in air filtration technology.


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