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What is an AGM Battery and How Do I Charge It?

by paxpatnate 1. November 2011 09:16

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat.

  • AGM batteries use a glass mat as the separator between the plates as opposed to floating electrolyte or acid found in typical flooded batteries. They require controlled charging techniques so not to damage the battery when charging

AGM Features

  • Low self-discharge which means they can sit in storage for much longer periods without charging.
  • AGM's do not have any liquid to spill and can be mounted at any angle.
  • AGM batteries do not gas or smell when charging which allows the battery to be mounted in enclosed spaces.

What you need to know about charging AGM or Gel Cell Batteries.

  • AGM or Gel-Cell Batteries can easily be damaged if charged with conventional chargers.
  • AGM or Gel Cell Batteries should never be charged at more than 14.4 volts. Conventional chargers, even automatics often put out 16-18 volts



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